Rural Kate

Because we just don’t have enough to do around here…Dave contacted a tree service company and had them dump off this:

At least four weekends now shot to hell.

For Uncle Bob…

It was so great to see all my Missouri relatives this past weekend for my brother’s wedding.  Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Bob and Aunt Debbie, cousins Jenny, Jeff, and Adam…Thank you all for making the trip up here!

I always thought my house pictures must be the most boring thing I post on this blog, but my uncle made a request to see the progress…so here goes:

(Sorry - I used my iPad; no flash and blurry)

Coming up the driveway from the road, this is the view.  The front of the house is on the left side.

It’s hard to get the entire front of the house, because the garage is so big.  4 stalls.  But here is the front of the actual living portion of the house:

It’s also hard to take pictures of the inside because the framing is up, but since you can see through the walls, it’s difficult to really see room outlines.  But here is our kitchen.  A counter will run along the wall and turn and go under the window.

Dining room windows - straight across from kitchen window:

And the concrete was just poured in the basement today over the geothermal coils:

The cabinet guy was out taking measurements last week, so I’m hoping to have some drawings by the end of next week or so.  I think he’s scheduled for mid-November to install.  I imagine that’s when pictures will really be interesting.

Thanks again, family, for the great weekend!  Unless Amy or Michael wants to step up to the plate, we can’t wait for another wedding to do this again!

My Favorite Things

I love this time of year.  Fall is just around the corner - the temperatures are already dropping into a comfortable zone - and the urge to clean out useless junk and weed out old clothing hits like a tsunami.

Now there are those in my family who may claim that my need to purge is a year-round disorder, not merely a seasonal whimsy.  I won’t address that, but I will say that you critics now have another devoted member.  Wally and I are circling each other slowly, waiting to see who will make the first lunge and go for the kill.

We were cleaning out his closet and dresser today.  And the general state of his room fell under fire as well.

After pointing out various sins, such as piles of books on the floor (right next to a very serviceable bookshelf) and two empty Kleenex boxes on his nightstand, we had the following conversation:

Me:  Walt, you are becoming a hoarder.  The next step is bottles of your own urine along the window sill and cockroaches dining on half-eaten tubs of applesauce in your laundry basket.

Hoarder:  I like the books on the floor.  I’m used to it.  And I was going to bring the empty boxes upstairs when I go up to get a new box.

Me:  But you didn’t do that.  Did you?  You know what your problem is?

Hoarder: A mom with OCD?

The conversation stopped there.  I decided it would be better to walk away than stay and beat him up and have to deal with blood stains on carpet.  Nightmare, that.  

So I went to my happy place.  The laundry room.  And where there had previously only been two lonely hangers…now a full bar of them hang, thanks to cleaning out Wally’s closet, the coat closet, and the front hall closet.


An no, that is not a black hanger out of place.  It’s dark green.

Birthday Girl gives Birthday Boy a tour of her work place

Birthday Girl gives Birthday Boy a tour of her work place

Roof trusses going up…

Roof trusses going up…

Walt on his way to work at the local fair. He has a small megaphone in his pocket to “encourage” people to come to his booth and buy malts.

Walt on his way to work at the local fair. He has a small megaphone in his pocket to “encourage” people to come to his booth and buy malts.

The house continues to go up:

The dining room window - 

A view of some basement rooms…

The roof trusses are going up as I type, and the rest of the main floor has been framed, so hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow.

Got back late last night from a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas.  It was a lot of fun, and I’m pleasantly exhausted.  And right now I’m pleasantly alone, because Dave is at work, the boys are in bed, and Martha is outside terrorizing chipmunks and donkeys.  

I wish the house could be this quiet all the time.  Or perhaps I’m just relishing the quiet because Vegas is so loud.  I slept like a baby; our room was very peaceful, but the casinos…the streets…the shops…it’s a lot of aural overload for me.  I think the rest of the women in our party thought I was partially deaf because I kept having to ask for words to be repeated.  The airport seemed like a library after leaving the Strip.

This week is going to be a pleasant week.  It’s the seven day break between summer activities ending and pre-season high school/middle school sports starting.  Except that ugly bit about cleaning and reorganizing the barn becaues 150 bales of hay are going to be delivered by Friday.  (Putting my chips on Friday.  Come on Friday!)

While I was gone:

Starting to frame!

Also…someone got his 16th birthday present from Nana:

I’m not happy about this.  Oh, I’m (wait for it) PLEASANTLY content that his grandmother thinks well enough of him to buy him a car, but I would prefer that he drive our old pick-up truck until he gets a little more experience under his belt.  I’m sure Jake at State Farm feels likewise.  The sixteen year old (or soon-to-be sixteen year old) is over the moon happy.  Apparently he’s volunteering to drive for any and all errands.  And he will be tip-toeing along the Straight and Narrow because that car will be sold off if he doesn’t.  Or maybe I will just start driving it.

It would not be pleasant for him to watch mom drive his car.

On my way to Vegas. Begin as you mean to go down, I say.

A little hot and humid yesterday.  I thought I was suffering…until I went and checked on our pigs.  They have water spigots to drink from, but the warm weather had dried up all the soil so there was no mud for them.  That is now remedied.

Happy pigs.